House in Wiczlino

We present the interior of the house in Wiczlino, for which we have also made a construction project. The advantage of designing both the building and interior is the ability to maintain a coherent design thought and to predict, design and make most of the details in advance.

The proposed layout of the ground floor has a rectangular plan, the shorter side of which closes the kitchen with the island on one side, and the living room on the other. When entering the house, the foreground is a large, wooden dining table with a window overlooking the garden and a free-standing, three-sided fireplace. This is the heart of the house.

The original staircase looks light and contemporary. The steps are cantilevered, structurally based on the wall, and large panes of glass are used as balustrades. Everything is lit from above with a skylight and gives a sense of lightness and space.

The subdued colors of exotic wood, white and gray constitute a timeless background for a family life full of color and vigor.

Maja Skołysz, Arkadiusz Kicki, Paweł Pruszkowski
Paweł Pruszkowski
Gdańsk 2016