Single family house in Charnowo

The house was designed referring to the traditional Polish architecture present in the picturesque village of Charnowo near Słupsk.

The rectangular plan of the building, the gable roof and the proportions result from the historical shape of this type of buildings in the surrounding towns.

The assumption of the investors and the designer was to implement an energy-saving project that would fit into the landscape and at the same time be adapted to the needs and requirements of a modern family.

Large glazing was used on the south and west sides. The open space of the living room is connected with the dining room and kitchen through a free-standing, passage fireplace. An open, wooden staircase and bedrooms connected with bathrooms ensure comfort for users. In addition, there are two entrances to the building - representative (clean) and utility (dirty) connected with the bathroom.

The elevations have been enriched with a system of sliding shutters, which, in addition to protection against excessive sunlight in summer and heat loss in winter, are also aesthetic. The living room has a direct access to a huge terrace with a view of the Słupia river valley.

In addition to the proper arrangement of the building on the plot, taking advantage of its natural values, the house has been designed with a number of energy-saving solutions, such as a heat pump, mechanical ventilation with air recuperation and partial distribution of warm air from the fireplace in the rooms on the first floor of the building.

Maja Skołysz
Maja Skołysz
Charnowo 2010